Water Damage and Why You Should Consider an Attorney

It’s obvious that heavy rain, flooding, and other related events can cause serious damage to your home. However, the cost that is needed to fix the damage can be pretty steep. Did you know that you may be able to get some type of protection against water damage from property damage lawyers affiliated with PALUMBO LAW? It all depends on the source of the damage and whether you have home insurance. However, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Water Damage Explained

Many times, a homeowner will depend on their homeowner’s insurance if their home sustains any water damage. They may also depend on their condo or renter’s insurance to help cover the costs of damage. However, after submitting a claim for damage repair to the insurance company, whether they will cover the damages depends on the type of coverage the individual has.

There are a few different types of water damage that may or may not be covered in your insurance including:

Typically, damage that is the result of a leak from a water heater, or a crack pipe, is not covered under home insurance. Even if your insurance policy covers water damage, it will not cover damage sustained from leaking. Damages covered must be accidental and sudden.

This is why it is necessary to hire a property damage attorney so he or she can let you know what you can do regarding repairs that are not covered by your insurance. This is especially true in cases where the landlord is liable.

Landowner Liability

If the negligence of your neighbor resulted in water damage to your property, you will be able to file a lawsuit against your neighbor for this reason. You may also be able to recover expenses for damages for the following:

You would have to be able to prove that your neighbor, whose responsibility was to not cause damage to your property, breached that responsibility by making changes to your property in a negligent way. As a result, this caused damage to your property. You would also have to provide proof of all damage done such as receipts for money spend on repairing the damage, and the expenses it cost you to treat any personal injuries. This would be categorized as a standard negligence lawsuit.

How Can an Attorney Help?

No matter if you sustained water damage from an event or have been accused of causing water damage to a person’s property, lawyers for property damage can assist. It can be extremely difficult for you to determine the causes of the water damage, which is why property insurance claim lawyers can help you out.

Premises liability lawyers are already familiar with the laws in your state and can work to get you compensation for your losses and help protect you against liability. Attorneys are also able to go over your home insurance policy with you and determine the type of coverage you have. Property insurance claim attorneys can also help set up a claim on your behalf and negotiate with your insurance company to make sure you receive a great settlement.

If an attorney feels as if a lawsuit is your best bet, he or she will represent you in court.