Property Damage: What Kinds Can Be Recovered?

house roof damageWhen you get into an accident, your health will likely be your top priority, with property damage coming in next. While this is the smart thing to do, your vehicle still needs attention, especially if the accident occurs due to third-party negligence. With this in mind, you are eligible for various forms of property damage claim as listed below.

Types of Property Damage That Can Be Recovered

Loss of Use

The first type of property damage claim you can file for is loss of use. This refers to the damage incurred due to the inability to use your vehicle during the repair period. A few examples of loss of use damages that your Cranston RI property damage lawyers can help you recover include taxi expenses, car renting fees, and ride-sharing costs.

Cost of Repairs

The second claim is the cost of repairs, which is compensation for repairing damages to your vehicle. Numerous insurance companies will give you the option of choosing a mechanic shop of your choice or suggesting their preferred repair shops. The insurance company ensures that the repair costs are covered, allowing you to get your vehicle fixed.

If you prefer using a repair shop of your choice, ensure that you get the necessary estimates from the insurance adjuster. Based on this value, the insurance company will then pay you for the needed repairs. Take note that an independent assessment will also come in handy in helping you evaluate the correct estimate for your repair costs. With this, you are assured of minimal financial setbacks during your repairs.

Diminution in Value

Lastly, there is the diminution in value claims that you can make after a loss of value occurs following an accident. This claim will look at the difference in the value of your car before the accident and after the repairs are made. Additionally, the diminution in value claim will also see the difference in value in your OEM components rather than just the aftermarket components. To get the most out of this, ensure that you obtain regular appraisals for your vehicle. This will allow you to properly gauge the estimated claim you are owed when you get into an accident.

How an Attorney Can Help

Unfortunately, not all motorists will have the right coverage, with uninsured and underinsured drivers likely to leave you with out-of-pocket expenses. If you encounter such an emergency, an insurance attorney Rhode Island expert, will be your go-to in helping you navigate your uninsured/underinsured policy. A professional will help you examine the estimated damage costs to your vehicle in addition to helping you get the proper claim for any injuries sustained.

In addition to the above, a home property damage lawyer can also step in to help you take care of your paperwork, from filing for your claim to ensuring that all requirements in your legal documentation have been met. Occasionally, you are also likely to encounter insurance companies that are unwilling to settle. Your attorney will stand in as your legal defense, allowing you to get a fighting chance at getting the rightful claim that you are owed.  In addition to this, a water damage lawyer will also help you pursue a personal injury claim when the at-fault driver is not forthcoming in their follow-up claim.

If you or your loved one is involved in an accident and needs help with your property damage claim, consider reaching out to PALUMBO LAW today. Our team also includes property water damage lawyers to help with claims related to property collapse, mold damage, vandalism and theft, and ice dam damage. If you also need fire damage insurance claim lawyers to help you with tree damage incidences or wind and storm damage, make it a point to call us today.