Fire Damage

Fire Damage Insurance Claim Lawyers

Fire damage to property can be devastating. Loss of a structure and personal property can be significant and expensive. If you maintain certain property insurance, then the insurance may be liable to help cover the expenses. If you have suffered losses as a result of a fire, then Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut fire damage lawyers can help you understand what options are available.

What should you do if you experience fire damage?

If you have experienced property damage as a result of a fire, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of receiving compensation.

First, be sure to report the fire, so the proper authorities can document and investigate the incident. This may include contacting the fire department. This will help ensure that additional issues do not arise. This can also provide important information that may be crucial to your claim.

Next, be sure to document as much information as possible. Keep detailed records of the damage that occurred. Take photographs and video recordings to document the damage. Try to take an inventory of property that may have been damaged or lost in the fire.

Report the incident to your insurer. Many insurance policies have strict procedures that must be followed when damage is incurred. Failure to comply with the procedures could limit what is recovered. Some insurance companies will have inspectors who will need to assess the damage and investigate.

Finally, consult with Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut fire damage lawyers. A lawyer will help you understand your options. A lawyer can also give you legal advice that is specific to your situation. An attorney will make sure that your rights under an insurance policy are protected. We can help you receive the full amount to which you are entitled.

Attorney Richard Palumbo is experienced in assisting with fire damage claims. He will advocate for you to receive a fair resolution. Contact Attorney Richard Palumbo to learn how we can help.