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Plainly stated, we are experienced property damage attorneys.  We regularly make insurance companies pay for wrongfully denied, delayed and underpaid property damage insurance claims.  PALUMBO LAW and its property damage lawyers are passionate about your insurance claims and making insurance companies pay you the full value of your property damage claims.

We provide legal services to the state of Rhode Island including Cranston, Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island, Warwick, Rhode Island, West Warwick, Rhode Island, East Providence, Rhode Island, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Lincoln, Rhode Island, Smithfield, Rhode Island, North Smithfield, Rhode Island, Cumberland, Rhode Island, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, West Greenwich, Rhode Island, North Kingstown, Rhode Island, South Kingstown, Rhode Island, and all of the Cities and Towns within Providence County, Kent County, Washington County and Bristol County.  Our law firm also provides legal services to the commonwealth of  Massachusetts including Bristol County, Massachusetts, Hampden County, Massachusetts, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Massachusetts and Worcester County, Massachusetts and the state of Connecticut.

Never a Fee Unless Successful!
Property loss claims – Denied, Delayed or Underpaid?
When your insurance company says “NO” Call Palumbo!
Fire, Water and Property Insurance Loss Attorneys

Homeowners, investors, businesses and owners of real estate and personal property purchase property insurance, they have a right to expect that the insurance company will pay the full value of their insurance claims and property damage without playing games.  Unfortunately, a lot of insurance companies make a lot of money by denying, delaying and/or underpaying property losses and insurance claims in the expectation that frustrated policyholders will drop the matter.  After a fire loss, water damage or other disaster strikes, you should immediately call PALUMBO LAW.  Do not wait for your insurance company to deny, delay or underpay your insurance claim.  You will be left with mounting property damage and significant financial expenses and should turn to an experienced insurance claims property insurance firm.  We are your fire loss attorneys.  We are your water damage attorneys.  We are your property loss attorneys.

Insurance companies are in business to make huge profits.  Often these profits are made at the expense of the insured by deny, delay and underpay tactics.  When a devastating property loss from fire or other calamity happens to you or interrupts your business, you may need legal assistance to navigate the complicated requirements of your insurance policy.  You should not assume that your insurance company will fairly help you determine the amount of the loss.  Your insurance company has adjusters, attorneys, investigators and other professionals to protect their interests.  It is vital that you have competent attorneys who understand property loss insurance law, adjusters, damage assessors and other insurance claims professionals to protect your interests and accurately calculate the cost of damaged contents, the cost to repair or replace damaged and destroyed real property and to accurately determine your additional living expenses, loss of use or business interruption loss.  Let a fire loss attorney, water damage attorney or property damage attorney make your insurance company pay you everything dollar that you are legally entitled to receive under your insurance policy.

The property damage lawyers at PALUMBO LAW routinely help Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut homeowners, investors, businesses and owners of real estate and personal property with their property damage insurance claims.  Our fire loss lawyers, property damage attorney and insurance claim lawyers have a proven track record in making insurance companies pay the full value of our clients’ property damage claims.  Our legal team is well versed in property insurance law and property loss claims adjusting, appraisal and litigation.  We leverage our knowledge and skill to ensure that our clients receive the full value of their denied, delayed or underpaid property loss insurance claims.

We are your denied claims attorneys.

We are your fire loss attorneys.

We are your water loss attorney.

We are your property insurance loss attorneys.

We are the firm with the experience to take on your insurance company for denied fire loss claims, water damage claims, property damage insurance claims, delayed property damage insurance claims, underpaid property damage insurance claims and bad faith claims.

Our dedicated legal team will work tirelessly to lift that burden and ensure the insurance company covers all of your losses. You will have peace of mind knowing that we will be by your side as you restore order to your business or personal life. If you are struggling with a property insurance claim, call our office today for a free consultation or complete the contact form on our website.

We are available to consult with other attorneys in all 50 states.

Sorry property insurance companies – we never represent property insurance companies, never!

We only represent insureds whose claims have been denied, delayed or underpaid. 

Property loss claims – Denied, Delayed or Underpaid?
When your insurance company says “NO” Call Palumbo!
No Fee Unless Successful!
Fire, Water and Property Insurance Loss Attorneys

Don’t wait for your insurance company to deny, delay or underpay your claim.  Contact us before you contact your insurance company.  Let us protect your rights.

Don’t be fooled – Your insurance company’s paid adjuster works for your property damage insurance company not you!