Tree Damage

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Was your property recently hit with serious tree damage? You may have sustained heavy damage to your home or commercial property. This could have led to some serious financial setbacks.

You may have contacted your insurance company with your claim, only to be turned down. What next?

How can Rhode Island Property Damage Lawyers, Massachusetts Property Damage Lawyers and Connecticut Property Damage Lawyers Help You?

Your insurance company may have received your claim and decided to answer with a resounding no. They may have given you any number of reasons for their decision.

For example, they may claim that your policy doesn’t cover the precise kind of damage that you are filing for.

They may try to allege that you didn’t file your claim in time. They may claim that you didn’t provide conclusive evidence that the damage was caused in the manner you described. They may also insist that the amount of damages you filed for was too high.

If this happens, you don’t have to accept no for an answer. You don’t have to settle for an insultingly small payout or go without any coverage at all.

You have the right to take your insurance company to court to get the full amount of the settlement that you are owed.

Attorney Richard Palumbo is the head of a firm of Cranston property damage lawyers who can help you. We know how to file your claim and then stand with you to get justice.

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