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Property damage claims are unlike other insurance claims in a variety of ways, but the negotiating tactics of claims agents are still very similar. Just as in any other insurance claim, the company is bound by law to investigate the accident as soon as possible and issue a decision on coverage within a reasonable time period. Denials must also include a sound reason for not honoring a policy. However, any technicality that can provide a defense to the claim or at least provide an excuse for making a lowered offer will almost always be highlighted by the claim’s agent. They may also claim that different types of damage is not covered, and often will also claim that problems with the property existed before the fact of the accident, and in particular in a fire or smoke damage claim. It always takes professional representation from an experienced legal counselor like Attorney Richard Palumbo when this is happening following a collapse claim for a fair evaluation of the damage amount.

Claim Specifics

Smoke and fire damage can result in irreparable harm to both real estate and personal property even when a fire does not completely engulf a property. Lightening can also be a component of any fire scenario, and electronic equipment can easily be destroyed internally. Arguments over claim values will many times hinge on whether the policy calls for replacement value or actual value, and the fact that personal property has been used will often be part of the negotiation position of the insurance company.

What Your Attorney Can Do

Your attorney in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut at PALUMBO LAW is a trained professional negotiator with significant experience handling smoke and fire claims. He can conduct an independent investigation into your case and craft a counter claim proving your assertions to the insurance company. Details matter greatly in any smoke and fire damage claim, and Attorney Richard Palumbo can evaluate the evidence from a professional perspective regarding validity of all claims.

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Never take your insurance company’s claim denial as a final answer to your collapse claim. Always call Attorney Richard Palumbo immediately and demand justice.