Battling With Insurance Companies Over Your Property Damage Claim

When your property is damaged, you expect your insurance company to pay for at least a portion of the damages, especially if you have already taken care of the deductible. If you file a claim and your insurance company denies it, you still have a few options to rely on. One of them is to call the best Cranston RI property damage lawyers. 

The attorneys at PALUMBO LAW can guide you through the property damage insurance claims process and make sure you are treated fairly.

Importance of Understanding Your Policy

Any time you buy a new insurance policy or adjust an existing one, you need to understand all of the different components it contains. This includes the list of perils you will be covered for.

Perils include fire, storm damage, and vandalism, just to name a few. Before you agree to the policy, have your insurance agent go over every detail with you, so you fully understand everything that is covered as well as what is not.

Documentation To Support Your Claims

In order to file any property damage claims, you will need proper documentation. If you don’t have photographs or other evidence to support your claims, a property damage attorney won’t be able to do much to help you.

If you can prove how the damage occurred and provide accurate documentation, your attorney will have what they need to appeal your case. While photographs are often the most important evidence you can have, witness statements are also beneficial, especially if a neighbor witnessed the damage as it occurred.

Communicating With the Insurance Company

Communication is the key when you are dealing with any type of legal issue with an insurance company. If they offer a settlement, make sure you fully understand what the details are. You don’t have to accept their first offer if you think it’s too low. Instead, have your property damage attorney start the negotiating process with a counteroffer.

Your attorney is better able to negotiate than you are. When filing a property damage claim, you need to answer only the questions you are asked. Volunteering information may cost you if the insurance company tries to prove they are not responsible for the claim.

Denied Claims and the Appeal Process

If your property damage claims are continually being denied, you must contact your local Cranston RI property damage lawyers at PALUMBO LAW. Before filing your claim, make sure to have a solid understanding of your policy as well as any available documentation you may feel is valuable to your case.

If your insurance company denies your claim, you can start the appeal process. In most cases, it’s in your best interest to hire a property damage attorney who has experience when it comes to handling these types of cases.

You don’t have to accept a denial or lowball offer just because the insurance company is pressuring you to do so. You have rights and are entitled to compensation as long as you have the documentation to validate and support your property damage claim.

With an attorney by your side, you will be able to negotiate a settlement you are comfortable with effectively. At PALUMBO LAW, we know how to handle difficult situations that arise when insurance companies try to avoid paying claims. We have years of valuable insurance that you can rely on. Call us today and let our attorneys represent you while battling your insurance companies with your claims.