A Tree Fell on My Car, can I Sue?

tree fell on a carAccidents of various types can happen to you, or anyone of any age, every day.  For this reason, it is important for state and local governments, businesses, and other entities, and individuals, to have proper insurance in order to ensure protection against any liability that may involve property that you own.  Property damage lawyers at PALUMBO LAW in Rhode Island are expert property damage attorneys who can assist you with any lawsuit claim involving the determination of fault when your property has been damaged by someone’s property.  A case scenario would be a tree falling on your car, whether it be from a horrific storm, or a gust of wind. This can be a devastating experience, and you want to be compensated for your damages. This would be a valid lawsuit claim that would definitely require the knowledge of a property damage attorney.

Laws differ from state to state, so before you start to try to file a case on your own, it is beneficial to your interest to seek advice from the premises liability lawyers at PALUMBO LAW if you live in or near Rhode Island.  Avoid being overwhelmed by the steps involved in trying to determine who is at fault.  The cases would be different when the tree is on personal property, or on a city street.  If the accident occurred on a city street, the lawyers for property damage know that this would be government property, and how to file the paperwork for such a case.  There are several questions that would need to be answered during the preliminaries, and two of them are if the tree appeared to have any defects, and if it appeared to be a healthy tree.  The other aspect of a preliminary investigation is to determine if the tree is actually on personal or city property.

The property insurance claims lawyers at the PALUMBO LAW FIRM have the experience of determining liability and negotiating with insurance companies and will do all of the necessary paperwork and leg work involved to win your liability lawsuit.  The legal responsibility will differ depending on the ownership of the property on which the tree stands.  If the tree is on government property, the legal process would include filing a claim with the government, which is best handled by property insurance claim lawyers.  The claims generally have a limited time frame to be filed, and you want to trust your liability claim to property damage lawyers who know the liability laws of the state when it comes to filing a lawsuit against the government for car damage due to a tree falling and causing damage to the vehicle.  When you have damage while on someone else’s property, it is best to consult lawyers for property damage instead of trying to be your own lawyer.  You want experts from the law firm of PALUMBO LAW to handle your case, so that you will have the best opportunity of winning your liability claim.  A tree can fall onto your car during any time of the year.  Make sure you have an attorney to represent you and help you with the best chance of winning your case.