Your Guide After Getting A Denied Property Damage Claim

insurance claim deniedHas a property damage claim you filed been denied by your insurer? Do you need the services of an insurance attorney Rhode Island? Don’t despair — you still have options if you live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Contact the home property damage lawyer, Richard Palumbo LLC.

The PALUMBO LAW firm routinely helps Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents, investors, business owners, and other property owners with issues relating to property damage claims against insurance companies after claims are denied or underpaid.

Property insurance is supposed to relieve the financial burden that follows a catastrophic event. Receiving a letter that a property damage claim is being underpaid or has been denied can be disastrous. But remember, the insurers are in business to make money. If you find yourself in this position, contact property insurance claim attorneys.

Homeowners buy insurance to be protected against property and casualty damage. Often even the most responsible homeowner does not have enough funds to cover any significant potential property damage. A denied property damage claim will complicate your daily life.

No one should live in an unsanitary or unsafe dwelling. If your property has been damaged due to fire, water, or a cracked foundation and your insurer has denied your claim, it’s time to get help from property insurance claim lawyers.

It is important to remember that some insurers routinely deny the first claim. They collect premiums and anticipate a low percentage of claims they don’t want to pay for. Sometimes resubmitting a claim can increase the likelihood of the claim being approved.

Here are the steps a property owner should take in the event their claim has been denied.

The legal professionals at PALUMBO LAW focus primarily on fire loss, water, and property damage claim adjustments, appraisals, settlements, and litigation. The firm routinely makes insurance companies reverse wrongful denials of claims relating to fire losses, water and mold damage, and other property damage claims.

It is sometimes challenging to manage an insurance claim alone. Ensure your rights are protected by contacting Cranston RI property damage lawyers. If you live in Massachusetts, contact a Dedham MA property damage lawyer.

Even if you have already been paid for your claim, the fire loss attorneys, property damage attorneys, and water damage attorneys at PALUMBO LAW may be able to assist you. There is no fee unless successful, as the initial consultation is free. Contact PALUMBO LAW today to restore the peace of mind you desire and deserve.