Can I Sue for a Denied Insurance Claim?

Know Why the Insurance Company Denied Your Claim.

Your insurance company is required by law to inform you of the reasons that your claim was denied. The insurance company will send or has sent you a letter explaining its reasoning, and you will need this if you plan to sue your insurance company.

Gather Evidence.

To prevail in court, you must present evidence that corroborates your claim. After you know why the claim was denied, you can gather evidence to support the reasons that you believe it should not have been denied. Sometimes, the disagreement is in the cost of the repairs that are needed. The evidence that you would need to present would support the amount of money that you claim it would cost to make the repairs.

Hire a Professional.

This type of case requires that you hire an insurance attorney Rhode Island. Your insurance company is constantly fighting these types of battles, so they are fully prepared to go to war in these disputes. You need property insurance claim attorneys working for you just as vigorously as the insurance company’s attorneys will be working for them. In this case, the insurance company may have exercised bad faith when it made its ruling in your case.

To file a bad faith claim, you must have a home property damage lawyer. Your attorney will have the experience working with insurance companies to know the next steps that you need to take. Your insurance attorney Rhode Island will carefully review your case and decide how to fight the insurance company. You have the right to sue your insurance company for breach of contract, so you must make sure that you start the process in the most appropriate manner.

Richard Palumbo LLC specializes in home property insurance claim denials, so you couldn’t choose a better representative for your claim. If you believe that your insurance company acted in bad faith and is denying your claim for a frivolous reason, contact us at the Palumbo law offices today.