Common defenses from Insurance companies

insurance denied for homeownersSome reasons that insurance claims get denied include the following:

The Homeowner Didn’t Tell the Truth about the Damage.

Not being entirely honest about the damage to your property will get your claim denied. There’s more. This is a crime, and it can subject you to a $15,000 fine and a 7-year prison sentence. The best thing to do is be very thorough when describing the damage, and make sure that you are being completely honest.

The Policy Didn’t Cover the Damage.

Your insurance policy probably covers damage due to fire, wind and lightning, but it may not cover mold and backup water damage. You would need to purchase optional coverage and pay an additional premium for it.

Damage that Is a Result of Wear and Tear.

A house and its contents need to last a long time, but not everything does. The carpets, the pipes and the roof may need repairs, but they will be the result of normal wear and tear, and your homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t cover these things.

The Repairs Wouldn’t Cost More than the Deductible.

Most claims are denied for this reason. For example, your homeowners’ insurance policy requires you to pay a $1,000 deductible before the insurance company will begin to pay the bills. The cost to repair your burst pipes is $900. The insurance company would deny this claim because $900 is so close to the deductible.

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