How Mold Damage Affects Your Health

Finding mold in your home can be quite a nuisance. Once spotted, you have to quickly and thoroughly clean the area to avoid it from spreading or causing health issues for you or your family. It is a common misconception that mold only grows in old homes, because it can thrive in newer homes as well. Even if the mold is found and cleaned right away, it is still possible to have your health impacted by it. Not only will your health suffer, but so can your property if mold is found on it. If you have to reach out to your insurance company about coverage related to the mold and your belongings, property insurance claim attorneys can assist you with this matter. In some instances, it can be difficult for a person to successfully get their claim processed without the help of a home property damage lawyer.

Types of Mold Damage Found in the Home

In homes where mold is found, the types of damage that is caused can vary. The common types of damage include:

Once mold is located, pictures should be taken prior to the cleanup of these areas.

How Mold Affects Your Health

There are many ways mold can have an impact on your health including triggering asthma and allergies. If you experience these symptoms it’s possible that you have been exposed to mold:

In the event that you need to submit insurance claims, a property damage attorney can use the assessment of the damage to prove your case to the insurance company. Contact Attorney Richard Palumbo for a consultation.