Fire Hazards: Tips for Avoiding a House Fire

avoiding a house fireYour house is both a significant financial asset and a place to call your own, which is why a house fire is devastating on multiple levels.


If you’ve had fire damage to your home, it’s important to protect it by calling Attorney Richard Palumbo for help and learning how to avoid these fires in the future.


Monitor your heating sources


Heating sources, such as a furnace, can cause a fire if not working properly. Have these units examined by a professional regularly and whenever you suspect an issue.


Keep up on Your Kitchen


Your stove should be free of grease and food particles which could catch on fire during use. Never leave your food cooking unattended, as a fire can break out in just seconds.


Check Your Dryer


Clear out your lint trap regularly and have your dryer inspected at least once a year. Take a look at the back of your machine to confirm lint and small clothing items are not trapped behind it.


Store Flammable Products properly


Common household items such as cleaners, hairspray and even shaving cream can combust with heat-source contact. Make sure these items are safety stored in a cool place and never near a heater.


Don’t Go It Alone


Work with property damage lawyers Cranston if you’ve experienced a house fire. Trying to deal with an insurance company after having your home damaged is often very stressful and frustrating, and you could end up with less than you are entitled to. Remember that the insurance company will never have your best interests in mind—they are simply looking to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible.


Contact Attorney Richard Palumbo for assistance with your home fire today. Experienced property damage lawyers Cranston will be able to help you gain the financial settlement you need to begin rebuilding your home and your life.