When are Property Loss Assessments Done?

property loss - car accidentAs a property owner, your ideal goal is to see if increase in value over time. However, through no fault of your own, you could see the value of your car, home, boat or other property depreciate quickly. You are then left to deal with the losses of value.


In some cases, however, the depreciation is not fair or realistic for the circumstances. You can counter the appraisal value and win compensation for damages that you were not responsible for by hiring one of the Cranston RI property damage lawyers like Attorney Richard Palumbo today.



Litigating Losses after an Accident


If your property was involved in an accident that you did not cause, you have a right as the owner to pursue compensation from the rightful party. The person or people who caused the accident may be liable under the state’s laws to pay you for the damages that they caused.


Your attorney can file a lawsuit in court to hold the responsible party liable for what occurred to your property. With his help, you would win compensation that you need to repair your property and restore its value.



Fighting Unfair Depreciation


You also can contest any depreciation that the appraiser assigns to your property in court. If the property has not declined in appearance, for example, it may still be lawfully valued at near or the full price that it was appraised at last year.


Your lawyer can counter the appraiser’s claim and submit proof from a third-party appraiser to show that your property still is valued at close to or all of the same price as it was last year. You could have the value adjusted to make up for your losses.



You can find out more about property loss assessments and fighting them in court. Contact one of the Cranston RI property damage lawyers like Attorney Richard Palumbo today.