Why Would an Insurance Claim Get Denied?

attorney for denied insurance claimWhen you file a claim against an insurer, you expect it to be taken seriously and paid out quickly. You do not anticipate the claims adjuster doubting your account of what happened and even denying your claim entirely.


However, insurance claims can be turned down for a variety of reasons. You can counter a denial in court by hiring a New Haven property damage lawyer like Attorney Richard Palumbo to represent you today.



Securing Evidence to Use in Court


To get a denial reversed in many cases, you need to litigate your case in court. Your attorney can work quickly to secure evidence needed to substantiate your claim. He can secure proof like surveillance footage, eyewitness statements, property records from the county, appraiser’s notes and other documentation.


This evidence can prove that the property in question was not only damaged but also the liability of someone other than you. You can use it to argue that the insurer has the obligation of paying for the damages and that your claim was denied for no valid reason.



Working Out a Settlement


If your attorney decides to sue for punitive damages in addition to the money that you are owed for your insurance claim, he could pressure the insurer to settle out-of-court. The insurer may be willing to offer you a cash settlement in exchange for you dropping the lawsuit. Your attorney can vet any settlement offer and make sure that it is reasonable for the pain, embarrassment and other inconveniences that you have had to endure.



Insurers can turn down claims for any number of reasons, such as accusing you of being responsible for what happened or saying that they did not insure the property against the inflicted damages. You can hold an insurer accountable by taking it to court. Start your case by hiring Attorney Richard Palumbo, an experienced New Haven property damage lawyer, today.