Property Damage Claim Do’s and Don’ts

property damage claimA property damage claim is needed when you need compensation after a car accident. Working with attorney Richard Palumbo may be your best option to get back on track. Before contacting Cranston RI property damage claim attorneys, learn the right and wrong steps to file a claim.


Correct Steps to File a Property Damage Claim

The most important step is to know the value of your damaged property based on the car’s make, model, age and amount of depreciation. Replacement cost and actual value are the two main types of payments used to pay out claims. The replacement cost is the amount to replace the car if it’s totaled. Actual cash value is the real value of your car minus years of depreciation. Once you know the property’s value, you will not have to settle for a low offer from the insurance company.

Also, get a second opinion if anything confuses you. If you’re unsure of the repair costs, visit more than one repair shop to get different estimates.


Avoid These Common Mistakes

Avoid filing a claim for property that is damaged beyond repair. A total loss has repairs that exceed the actual value. When you receive a small check or no check at all, you’ll find it more effective to pay for the replacement out of pocket.

Do not wait until the last minute to file a claim. Insurance companies work with short deadlines so that the client’s memory is still fresh. Preferably, notify the company on the same day of the accident.


Is an Attorney Necessary?

If you have property repairs that are very costly and extensive, the situation can be more complicated than you can handle. In that case, benefit from using a Cranston RI property damage claim attorneys at Palumbo Law. Avoid getting swindled by the insurance company and settling for an amount less than you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.