Why a Lawyer May Help a Claim Go Faster

Property damage lawyers in RIproperty damage lawyers such as Attorney Richard Palumbo are trained in the art of prosecuting claims on behalf of clients. This skill requires a gritty, tough-minded approach where relentless dedication to accomplishing the task at hand is central to the attorney’s mindset and mentality.

When a party maintains a claim against another responsible party, it is best that they retain the services of an attorney to represent their interests. There are many reasons for this advice. First, a layperson does not have the required experience to aggressively prosecute a claim from beginning to end. Simply stated, they do not have the resources that an attorney has to successfully prosecute a claim from beginning to end.

An experienced attorney maintains an office staff that is experienced in handling such matters. Attorneys regularly intake clients who maintain valid claims and begin the process by sending a letter to the insurance carrier for the defendant or to the defendant directly. This is critical since the written word is powerful and carries significant weight if the matter proceeds to litigation.

Another important aspect of retaining an attorney is the fact that the claims process will be transferred to different department once counsel is retained. There is an entirely different set of insurance adjusters that will be assigned to the matter at once an attorney has sent his letter of representation. Do not discount how important this is; claims adjusters understand that an attorney has the ability to successfully navigate the matter from initial letter of representation through settlement and will sit up and take notice once an attorney becomes involved in the case.

Furthermore, the insurance carrier realizes that an attorney is capable of filing a lawsuit at any time which will cost the insurance company money in terms of having to retain counsel to defend the interests of their insured. Insurance Carriers are abject to spending money and retaining attorneys to represent the interests of their insured is a costly measure that they would like to avoid at all costs.

If the individual attempts to prosecute their claim on their own, they may become easily frustrated by the claims process. Furthermore, the insurance carrier simply will not take the claim as seriously if the individual does not have an attorney representing them. In many ways, individual claimant is overmatched and at a significant disadvantage if they do not have one of the best property damage lawyers in RI such as attorney Richard Palumbo representing them.

Claims adjusters would far rather deal with an individual claimant than with an attorney who is hard-nosed and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the needs of their client. Attorneys are trained to not take no for an answer, push the issue and never give in. For this reason, claims will move much faster if an attorney is involved for the reasons set forth above.

If you believe you maintain a valid claim and are seeking legal representation, it is in your best interest to consult with Palumbo Law. Attorney Palumbo will explain your rights and remedies to you and will aggressively pursue your claim to a successful resolution. Retain his services today and take the first step toward realizing the proper handling of your claim that you deserve.