Can I Be Compensated for Damages to My Home Through an Insurance Claim?

insurance claim formIf your home has sustained property damage as a result of natural disaster, wind, water or fire, filing a claim with your homeowners’ insurance carrier should be done immediately after speaking with Attorney Richard Palumbo. Once filed, your claim will be assigned a number and an adjuster, who will review the matter on behalf of the insurance carrier. The insurance company will then send an individual to your home to look at the damage and assess it. In many instances, insurance carriers refuse to refuse to pay for claims filed seeking compensation for damages to their property. In order to help avoid the insurance company from denying, delaying or underpaying your insurance claim, it is imperative that you contact Palumbo Law and schedule an immediate consultation.

Insurance attorneys in Cranston, RI deal with insurance carrier denials on a daily basis. Such denials are a regular part of insurance practice. Often, it is only once an attorney is retained to represent the homeowner that the insurance company will escalate the matter to a different department. The value of having an attorney is that he or she will advocate for you in writing with the insurance carrier and fight vigorously for your rights. Insurance carriers know that if the attorney is not satisfied with their response that the attorney will file a lawsuit to compel their cooperation.

Once suit is filed by insurance attorneys in Cranston RI, the matter begins to cost the insurance company money in that they must assign attorneys to the matter to respond to the pending litigation. With the knowledge that litigation could be looming, insurance carriers will routinely make an offer to the attorney to resolve the matter prior to the institution of civil litigation.

The experience that an attorney brings to your matter is invaluable and is often the difference between receiving a satisfactory result or not.

If you are in a situation where your property damage claim has been denied by your insurance carrier, call Palumbo Law at 401-490-0994 today to schedule a consultation and begin on the road to having your claim handled successfully by the steady hand of an attorney with the requisite experience to best represent your interests.