Denied Insurance Claim? How to Handle Your Next Steps

denied insurance claimIn a perfect world, your insurance company would always honor the contract you signed. You’ve done your part by paying your premiums each month, so it would stand to reason that the insurance company should payout when you have a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a habit of underpaying, delaying and denying valid claims for various reasons. Fortunately, attorney Richard Palumbo does have advice as to what you should do if your claim is denied.

To avoid claims denials and for the best settlement call PALUMBO LAW before calling your insurance company.  It is imperative to get us involved prior to contacting your insurance company.  Your insurance company’s adjuster is paid to “adjust” the value of your insurance claim down and you’re your insurance company money.  We work for you, not your insurance company.

If your insurance claim is denied, we look at the reason why you were denied. Most insurance companies won’t just tell you that you’ve had your claim denied – they will outline the reasons why they are not honoring your claim. This information will be invaluable going forward.

Once you receive your denial letter and insurance policy, we can better evaluate your claim. In some cases, we can get a denied claim approved by submitting the right paperwork or having the right individual provide extra information. In other cases, we may have to file suit against the insurance company.

If your insurance claim is denied then you should hire Cranston RI insurance attorneys for a free case evaluation. A good attorney will look at your reason for denial and the law that governs the insurance policy. If necessary, the lawyer will represent you if you have to take your insurance company to court.

Having a claim denied is often the beginning of a longer journey. It is never a good idea to submit and insurance claim without first speaking with an attorney.  Once your claim is underpaid or denied then you will need Cranston RI insurance attorneys on your side. If you have had a claim recently denied or you are concerned about how your insurance company is handling your claims in general, you need to work with an attorney who you can trust. Make sure to contact Palumbo Law for the help you deserve.