Massachusetts Property Damage Claims: What To Know

property damage claimWhen you suffer property damage to your home, investment real estate or business, you may have many questions. In most cases, the damage happens due to an act of nature, deliberate act, negligence or carelessness from others. Since you may not know who or what was at fault for the damage, whether or not the damages will be covered by your insurance policy, and how you can go about gaining compensation for your damages, it is best to not handle these situations on your own. Instead, avoid making costly mistakes by turning to Massachusetts property damage lawyers such as attorney Richard Palumbo.

How Your Attorney Can Help
Once you hire an attorney to help with your property damage claim, they can assist you in many ways. For example, they can make sure you properly document the extent of your damages and help with calculating repair or replacement estimates. But perhaps most importantly, an experienced attorney can help in gathering crucial evidence needed to support your claim, and can also communicate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Reaching Settlements
Once you file a property damage claim, there is a good chance that the ultimate result will be a settlement with the insurance company. However, getting there can be difficult. In many cases, insurance companies will either attempt to deny your claim for various reasons or try to force you to settle for an amount of money far below what you need and deserve. If you try to handle these situations on your own, you will almost certainly make critical mistakes that may lead to your claim being denied or leaving you with far less money than you need.

Whether you need a lawyer to assist you in negotiating with an insurance company to get the best settlement or help you in filing a lawsuit, schedule your consultation today with Massachusetts property damage lawyers at Palumbo Law.