Causes of House Fires in the Winter Season

house fire during winterHouse fires often occur during the winter season, as occupants use heating options in their homes. When house fires occur it can result in a devastating loss to the home and personal property. Insurance policies often come into play when a house fire occurs, but sometimes the insurance company refuses to provide adequate coverage. If you have experienced property damage, loss or injuries from a house fire, then property damage attorney Attorney Richard Palumbo can assist.

What are some common causes of house fires in the winter season?
Some common causes of house fires in the winter season that could result in an insurance claim include:

When a fire breaks out in a home, it can spread quickly and cause extensive damage. Occupants of the home may sustain significant injuries or medical issues as a result of exposure to the fire and smoke. All of these can result in significant expense and loss.

How can an attorney help if you experience loss from a house fire?
If you have suffered injury or loss from a house fire, then Fire damage insurance claim lawyers can help you pursue a claim with the insurance provider. Insurance companies typically seek to pay as little as possible, so it is helpful to have an experienced advocate on your side who knows how to deal with insurance adjusters.

An attorney can help you gather the documentation and information necessary for an insurance claim. If the adjuster is being unreasonable, then an attorney can help protect your rights and challenge the insurance company’s actions.

Attorney Richard Palumbo has successfully represented many victims of house fires and helped them achieve a fair result. If you have suffered loss from a house fire, then contact us to learn more about your options.