How to Properly Document Damages for a Property Damage Claim

Monday, May 20 2024

When facing property damage, the steps you take early on can significantly influence the outcome of your insurance claim. For homeowners, business owners, and property managers in Rhode Island, knowing how to document damages meticulously is crucial. If you need legal assistance, consult with property damage lawyers at PALUMBO LAW for unparalleled guidance. Why Meticulous […]


What to Do if You Get Pushback to Your Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Monday, May 6 2024

Dealing with a fire damage claim can be a difficult experience for homeowners, investors, and business owners alike. The situation often requires understanding your insurance coverage and assertively addressing any resistance from insurance providers. At PALUMBO LAW, our dedicated team of fire damage insurance claim lawyers ensures that your rights are fully protected and that […]