Homeowners Insurance in Rhode Island: How an Attorney Can Help

homeowners insurance application and manager in the suit

With all the investments that go into owning a home, it’s important to protect them with homeowners insurance. At PALUMBO LAW in Cranston, Rhode Island, we understand the importance of protecting your property and investments. Our experienced attorneys specialize in helping our clients throughout the claims process when their property has been damaged or destroyed.

What Is a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

A homeowners insurance claim is a request for payment from the insurance company after a policyholder has suffered some form of loss or damage to their property. This could include damage due to fires, floods, storms, and more.

Every homeowner in Rhode Island has policy coverage that could help protect them against financial losses due to property damage. However, filing an insurance claim is not always easy, as insurance companies can deny valid claims or underpay the coverage. This is where having an attorney experienced in such matters can be beneficial.

What Is Bad Faith Regarding Property Damage?

Insurance companies have a legal duty to investigate and fairly evaluate each claim properly. When an insurance company is discovered to be denying valid claims or underpaying for coverage, this can be considered bad faith.

In addition to being aware of the insurance company’s legal duty, an experienced attorney can help identify coverage gaps in the policy. This can include ensuring that all forms are filled out correctly and reviewing any exclusions in the contract.

You have the right to a fair settlement from the insurance company and should not be taken advantage of. As such, an experienced attorney can help ensure that you are not being taken advantage of by the insurance company.

The Role of a Homeowner Insurance Attorney

When you have suffered a loss due to property damage, it is crucial to understand your rights and the process. An experienced attorney can help you through the often confusing claims process.

Some of the most common steps in the claims process that property insurance claim attorneys help with include:

One of the other benefits of having a homeowner insurance attorney is that they can help ensure you understand each step in the process and know your rights. Without help, there is an increased risk of bad faith, underpayment, or issues with the insurance company.

Insurance Attorneys for Businesses

In addition to homeowners, businesses and business owners can significantly benefit from having an attorney help them with their property insurance claims. It’s an important step to help ensure that insurance companies make fair and adequate settlements.

Public adjusters are insurance experts who specialize in helping individuals and businesses with the claims process. These experts are usually independent contractors who are knowledgeable in the claims process and handle various aspects of a claim. You can hire a public adjuster in addition to an attorney, or they might work together if the claim is complicated.

Finding a Homeowner Insurance Attorney

If you’re tired of dealing with homeowners insurance in RI and are overwhelmed or confused by all the results, look no further than PALUMBO LAW, an insurance attorney in Rhode Island.

When protecting your property, having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney can help ensure you receive the coverage to which you are entitled. Our property insurance claim attorneys specialize in helping our clients throughout the claims process when their property has been damaged or destroyed. Contact us today to learn more.