Penalties for Vandalism in Rhode Island

property vandalismYou must protect your property against various threats. If a physical building, shop, or facility is part of your business, then you must take the measures necessary to preserve it. This includes deterring would-be vandals. Vandalism is taken very seriously in Rhode Island. It is a form of crime that can cause small business owners a great deal of money and inconvenience. 

Vandalism is also a serious threat to homeowners. Your home is your refuge, it is your sanctuary from the stress, strain, and troubles of the world. You should feel perfectly secure in it. Your house is also one of your most important assets, which is why it is so important to protect it against damage and destruction. 

If you have been the victim of vandalism, you do have rights. Vandalism is crime, which means it is investigated and prosecuted by the state. But in this instance, the victim of the crime has the option of pressing charges once the culprit has been apprehended. It is your right not only to press charges against the person who destroyed your property, but to see that they are prosecuted to the extent possible under the law. 

Property damage lawyers help victims of vandalism get the justice they deserve. The moment that you find out your property has been vandalized you should contact the authorities, your insurance company, and a property damage attorney. Lawyers for property damage not only help with insurance claims; they can also liaise with law enforcement authorities to ensure that the person who committed the crime is caught and prosecuted. 

Penalties for Vandalism 

Criminal conviction for vandalism can include hundreds of dollars in fines, up to 100 hours of community service, up to a year in jail, and probation. Depending on the nature of the vandalism, it may be charged as a domestic violence crime. If, for example, you are going through a bad divorce and your ex has tried to attack you by vandalizing your new place, this is a form of domestic violence and will be charged as such. If convicted, the person who committed this act will be subject to all the penalties above. They will also be required to attend a lengthy Batterers Intervention Program. The program is designed to address the violent behavior. 

Vandalism is a misdemeanor crime. It consists of the willful, malicious, or mischievous destruction—writing on, painting, or otherwise defacing—the property of another. At the very minimum, a person convicted of vandalism will be required to perform up to one hundred hours of public community restitution work for a first offense. If the person is convicted for a second time, they will be required to perform 200 hours of such work. 

Looking Out for You 

Vandalism that goes unpunished only encourages others to commit this crime. Lawyers for property damage concern themselves not only with the financial fallout of vandalism; property insurance claim attorneys also keep the pressure on law enforcement officials to find the person who did it. 

Your property insurance claim lawyers will be the only ones looking out for your interests. Although vandalism is taken seriously in the state of Rhode Island, it is not always made a priority. The police in your city or town may not dedicate the resources needed to catch the culprit. In the event that your property was damaged by an ex-spouse or partner, it can be dangerous to allow this to happen. Your lawyer will know how to monitor the progress of the investigation and push law enforcement when necessary to get results. 

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