Will Payment for My Home Damage Claim be Postponed Because of COVID?

home damage claimThe COVID-19 crisis has disrupted life in America in a sudden and brutal fashion. Almost overnight the normal commerce and transactions of life have been suspended. If you suffered damage to your home just before the outbreak of the virus, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. Now more than ever it is important to live in a safe, sound, and sanitary home. You may be able to get builders and tradesmen to carry out the work needed to meet these aims. However, you must get the money you require from your insurance company.

The courts have made it quite clear since the start of the COVID-19 crisis that most contracts must still be honored. This includes insurance policies. It is the responsibility of your insurance company to take the measures necessary to process claims.

If your claims adjustor needs to visit your home to assess the damage, the insurance company should advise them how to do in-person interactions safely. Your insurer should communicate with you early in the process, so that you can work out how to get through the visit without endangering the representative’s health or the health of you and your family.

Your insurance company should also offer more robust online service. If you have questions or concerns about your home damage payments, then you should still be able to speak to someone to get them resolved.

The bottom line is that there is no reason why your home damage payment should be postponed. It is unclear when the restrictions that have been put in place will be lifted, and you cannot wait indefinitely to get your home repaired. Although there may be some delays in getting your claim processed, it is incumbent on your insurer to get the money to you as soon as possible. If things are not moving fast enough, then you should contact a lawyer. Cranston RI home damage attorneys can help resolve the situation.

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