Bad Faith Insurance Cases: What to Expect

insurance giving you bad servicesInsurance companies are notorious for being driven by details when evaluating claims for anything, ranging from auto accident injuries to property damage. Property damage claims fall into a separate category for the most part, and claims adjusters are professionally trained in the tactics insurance companies use when questioning elements of a claim that may or may not be honored. Of course, the root word of honored is honesty, and sometimes rigorous honesty is not applied when claims adjusters begin combing over a claim looking for any technicality they can uncover that could be used in reducing the value of a damage claim payment. This includes several bad faith measures that could be borderline illegal behavior, and an experienced New Haven property damage lawyer like attorney Richard Palumbo will recognize when this is happening.

Recognizing Bad Faith in a Property Damage Claim

The typical property damage claimant will initiate the claim process in the event of a calamity that causes damage. The insurance provider is then required by law to investigate the claim. The problem is that this process for most companies is designed to benefit the company when they can use details of the investigation as justification for reducing the value or denying the claim. Insurance companies can exhibit bad faith by failing to conduct a thorough investigation or only offer a portion of the true claim value. They can demand excessive proof of loss documentation and delay claims an extraordinary amount of time in many instances, both of which could result in additional bad faith claims when a lawsuit is filed.

What Your Property Damage Attorney Can Do

Having your own legal team representing your interests in a property damage claim is a real advantage from the very beginning. Those professionals like attorney Richard Palumbo understand that insurance companies will systematically work to reduce claim values as part of the investigation process. Your legal counselor can then conduct a second investigation with respect to the insurance company counter claims. There are multiple steps an insurance company may take to deny a claim, and your claim could be enhanced greatly in value when this can be proven in court.

Anyone in Rhode Island who is having difficulty with a property damage claim should contact attorney Richard Palumbo New Haven property damage lawyer for legal assistance.