What Does Fire Damage Insurance Cover?

fire insurance coverageEvery year there are approximately 358,000 house fires in the United States alone according to the National Fire Association. It is hardly any wonder that people want to know about fire damage insurance, what it covers, and what recourse they can take if they are being denied the coverage they deserve based on the plan that they have purchased.

The first thing that attorney Richard Palumbo will tell his clients is that all property insurance policies contain exclusions including fire insurance policies.  Homeowner and other property insurance companies often try to squeeze your claim into an exclusion in order to avoid coverage.  Often the insurance policies and the exclusions are ambiguous and designed to avoid coverage.  It is important to obtain the best property insurance policy or enhanced policy with appropriate limits of liability and coverage amounts when the policy is purchased. There are also different deductibles in fire insurance policies and property damage insurance policies that insurance claim lawyers often compare to deductibles in other insurance policies similar to a health insurance deductible.  It is important for homeowners, property owners and business owners to contact a good insurance agent to assist the policyholder in choosing the right insurance policy prior to the occurrence of a fire, water and/or other property damage claim.

Attorney Richard Palumbo of PALUMBO LAW and his team of experienced property damage attorneys try to explain to their clients that property insurance companies who provide fire damage insurance and property damage insurance will often look for reasons not to pay insurance claims including trying to not cover a home that has been vacant for thirty days or more. Policy holders pay good money for property insurance policies and deserve the coverage that they are paying for including, Coverage A Dwelling, Coverage B Other Structures, Coverage C Personal Property and Coverage D Additional Living Expenses  Homeowners rightfully expect for property insurance policies such as an HO-3 to cover damages to their homes and contents inside of their homes as well as additional living expenses after suffering a fire, burst pipe, theft, vandalism, mold or other insurance damage claim.

Attorney Palumbo always advises his clients to call him immediately following an insurance claim – when possible before contacting the insurance company.  Insurance companies are in business to make money and use their adjusters to minimize their exposure after a fire or other property damage loss.  Anyone who experiences trouble from their insurance company regarding the coverage that they are supposed to receive should get also contact a property damage attorney right away. Our property damage attorney would be happy to take on any legitimate case for a client who is concerned that their insurance policy not paying out as it should.