Fire Damage Claims: When to Contact an Attorney

house burning Call a property damage attorney before calling your insurance company.  Your home may have been demolished in a fire, but you have fire insurance to cover the damages. Is what you have enough to pay for the total value of your home, though, along with the possessions inside? You may need to contact fire damage insurance claim lawyers for help.

What does fire insurance cover?
There are many different types of fire insurance policies, standard home insurance policies and enhanced insurance policies. All of the insurance policies offer different coverages and contain different exclusions.  A homeowner’s insurance policy should pay for basic damages to your home unless an exclusion applies.  A fire insurance policy is specifically for instances where a fire is a culprit in the destruction of your residence and may often other limited coverages for homeowners.  Commercial General Liability Insurance Policies are all different and contain different coverages and exclusions.  The insurance companies use these complexities to deny, delay and underpay insurance claims.

Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that their insurance company will apply their standard home insurance policy or other homeowner’s insurance policy to pay for and adequately cover fire damage and other property damage. All home insurance plans are not equal, which means that your policy may not be enough to pay for all damages caused by a fire. If you insurance company denies your fire damage claim or other property damage loss then don’t accept “NO” call PALUMBO. Don’t allow a profit driven insurance company to make you, the homeowner or business owner responsible for damages that should otherwise be covered under your insurance policy.

Your fire insurance policy may not be enough.  Insurance companies should pay for damages to a home up to the policy’s limit. Instances where the home is completely destroyed usually require the provider to pay the market value of the residence.  Often, however, insurance companies use bad faith tactics to avoid coverage and to try to avoid pay the limit of liability under you homeowner’s insurance policy.

Call a property damage attorney for help.  It is never the best idea to immediately take a large payout when your home has been destroyed by a fire. Instead, you should contact Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut property damage lawyers who can help you get the most out of your fire claim or other property damage insurance loss.